ACE Institute

ACE ConneXion is Team ACE’s private consulting agency, providing the following solutions:

  • Mathematical & technical analysis;
  • Financial modeling;
  • Scientific research & development;
  • White papers & professional reports;
  • Accounting & bookkeeping, and;
  • Business strategy & execution.

                                                       Email us to set up a consultation.

Project ACEpedia consists of three stages:

  1. ACEpedia Open Edition, a platform that is open to all to add entries;
  2. ACEpedia Review, which utilizes a rigid language structure with the purpose of actively programming the reader (through NLP) towards a state of limitless mentality and oneness;
  3. ACEpedia Action, the final stage during which we publish our refined entries on Wikipedia.

The Individual Advancement Assessment is a questionnaire in development and to be taken by individuals. It is intended to double as both as a metric and a catalyst for individual’s advancement. When taken by a large population, it can be used as a statistic for measuring the demographic’s advancement, and eventually that of an entire civilization.

The two scales that the IAA uses for context for advancement are the Kardashev Scale and the Kohlberg Scale.

Project Pendulum AI is ACE’s first concrete attempt at producing technology to mould the human mind  into a “natural transhuman”. 

There are two goals of Project Pendulum AI:

  1. Design and construct a mechanism for brain to computer communication;
  2.  Build a walking, talking, evolving (and intelligent) robot.

Here are two powerpoint presentations that we have used to describe our work:


As an alternative to a set curriculum, we propose mentorship, facilitating supervised play, and providing resources.

We also believe in demonstrating and nurturing positive behavior as opposed to standardized discipline.

There are two parts to Children Play:

  1. Provide education to children of all demographics of the world in accordance with our vision;
  2. Provide economic freedom to the women that are trapped in the arranged marriage system of India and similar cultures. 

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